Welcome to Alpana Arts

Alpana is a multi-faceted artist who does not confine her creativity to a particular medium. To stock to just one medium, say, painting or sculpture would be orthodoxy of sorts and would be a self-imposed limitation (and art is as much about “self expression” as it is about “Freedom of Expression”). So why stick to one and the sole mode of expression?

Alpana likes to respect her desire to work in a particular medium, say, sculpture, when she wants to create three dimensionally and wants to feel the solidity of the material – clay or wax. At another time she would like to go for the plasticity of painting (mostly in oil), hence the choice of imaging the theme or idea in her mind – whether it is devotion or iconography or the urge to express the situation of the female in our society … in her domestic and social or natural environment. In this sense, Alpana’s Creativity is open-ended. But her art is warm and sensitive as lots of feelings go into it.

This diversion from sculpture or canvas painting she enjoys greatly when she is in a mood for décor.However, her main thrust is towards oil-painting or sculpture, the latter she goes for more frequently .

However, her main thrust is towards oil-painting or sculpture, the latter she goes for more frequently and comes out with endearing forms whether it is a romancing couple, mother-and-child, or simply a well poised head reflecting the soul of a female. At other times she likes to create animal forms in wood or clay – an activity that reminds her of her own childhood when animal or bird toys were a fascination, say, a tiger, an elephant or an alert dog. The animal forms fascinate her deeply and she comes out with such endearing works as “A Flying Rabbit” or “An Alert Dog” or a “Prawling Tiger.” An elephant with her baby and a Mahaut”…

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